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31 Reflections: Votes Tallied

  1. Paisley - a keeper (9) donate (4) burn (0) - keep
  2. Free Bamboo - a keeper (7) donate (4) burn (1) - keep
  3. Olive Drab - a keeper (9) donate (2) burn (0) - keep
  4. Bust'n Out the Boots - a keeper (3) donate (12) burn (1) - donate
  5. The House Dress - a keeper (11) donate (2) burn (1) - keep
  6. Toile in the Fall - a keeper (11) donate (2) burn (0) - keep
  7. Pretty and Preppy - a keeper (8) donate (11) burn (0) - donate
  8. Swallows and Starlings - a keeper (12) donate (5) burn (0) - keep
  9. Confidence - a keeper (14) donate (7) burn (1) - keep
  10. 10.10.2010 - a keeper (6) donate (15) burn (2) - donate
  11. A little Bit County, a little be Rock'n Roll - a keeper (21) donate (5) burn (3) - keep
  12. Black and White - a keeper (11) donate (7) burn (0) - keep
  13. Dancing Stripes - a keeper (13) donate (4) burn (2) - keep
  14. Comfort - a keeper (8) donate (4) burn (1) - keep
  15. Hello Yellow - a keeper (15) donate (2) burn (0) - keep
  16. Lovely In Lace - a keeper (14) donate (0) burn (1) - keep
  17. Cemetery Cycle Chic - a keeper (14) donate (2) burn (0) - keep
  18. Black & Tan (and Red) - a keeper (2) donate (12) burn (4) - donate
  19. Tweed and Pleats - a keeper (16) donate (1) burn (1) - keep
  20. The Blue Dress - a keeper (11) donate (10) burn (0) – keep (barely)
  21. Friendly Florals - a keeper (17) donate (1) burn (0) - keep
  22. Ex-Boyfriend Red - a keeper (16) donate (4) burn (0) - keep
  23. Cloudy Day Dress Up - a keeper (12) donate (4) burn (1) - keep
  24. Windswept and Saucy - a keeper (12) donate (4) burn (0) -keep
  25. Case of the Mondays - a keeper (6) donate (13) burn (1) - donate
  26. Old Tyme Style - a keeper (8) donate (4) burn (0) - keep
  27. Working with what you've got - a keeper (7) donate (5) burn (3) – donate - barely
  28. Purple Polka Dots - a keeper (16) donate (1) burn (0) - keep
  29. It's the Final Countdown - a keeper (2) donate (10) burn (2) - donate
  30. Halloween Party - a keeper (11) donate (0) burn (0) - keep
  31. The Last Dress - a keeper (8) donate (2) burn (0) - keep
For the month of October I wore nothing but dresses and allowed my readers to decide which ones were worthy of staying in my closet and which ones needed the boot.
These ones didn't make the cut: The Burn Pile
At first I was really nervous about opening my wardrobe up to public scrutiny but I learned to trust my readers and respect their opinions. The only dress I'm a little baffled by is #4, (pictured far right). It's one of my favorites and no one commented about why it should be donated but it was overwhelmingly voted off. It makes me wonder how many other outfits or garments do I wear and everyone think they're completely hideous but are too polite to say anything.
Otherwise, good choices all around. Thanks!

There are the post popular dresses:  Keepers
Once again, I noticed people voted highly on some dresses I felt could be tossed. Like the orange dress/shirt of day 24 or even the black and white number from day 12 which is too big for me. Oh well, it was a fascinating experiment and helped me think outside the box when styling my outfits. I feel I can be a little more daring, a little more bold and a all around more fabulous.
One thing I learned from this project is you can't have too many of the right dresses. I feel the most comfortable in dresses what fit me well and reflect my personality.


Angeline said…
I totally voted to keep dress + 4. It is darling!! (Maybe I'll grab it at your swap and let you "borrow" it ;) muahahaha.
Jake said…
I voted No. 4 to the burn pile ... well, because it's just loud. LOUD! The pattern is unreasonably loud. Your style often seems to involve patterns, but this pattern is ... yagh.

There's also the matter of matching accessories. For instance, No. 11 "A little bit of Country ... " was easily matched to many things AND was a reasonable pattern, invoking a kind of rustic feel with the browns and reds. No. 4 was one I couldn't see going with anything but black. Against which the dress shouts, "LOOK!"

By way of explanation: I voted to burn No. 13 "Dancing Stripes" via the same logic. Instead of being very flowery loud, it was very jagged-edge, I-cut-my-teeth-on-a-New-York-runway loud. Your personality has some roughness to it, which is why I thought you can carry off No. 11 as well as No. 15 "Hello Yellow," which is more stylish but in a less eye-demanding way ("That's a nice yellow!" is the expected comment).

Basically, they're dresses that are closer to the center between the extremes of "No one will notice me" and "NOTICE ME RIGHT NOW".

Then again, I also went for No. 7 "Pretty and Preppy," which probably doesn't go with much, either, and doesn't stand out in the least.
Forevermelody said…
Maybe I'll have to reshoot dress #4 because i wear it with everything. I think a solid coat/sweater of almost any color tones down the wild prints and give it a balanced feel.
I appreciate your input and opinion Jake. I see where you're coming from.
Anonymous said…
Okay I admit I didn't vote so I know I should just stay quiet but hey...not gonna. I agree pretty much that the voters got it right...for the most part that is. I think if you are gonna re-shoot #4 then #7 deserves another try too because that is a great dress. Maybe without so much blue? Oaky, just sayin...
Mary said…
Great post!
I just discovered your blog,it's very cute!I added to your followers:)
xx Mary
The orange dress with the boots paired so well with the blue jacket and the boots!

I am willing to give a relook if you do decide to reshoot your favorite dress. And I will look with an open mind.

It's been fun seeing you dressed up. Thanks for opening your wardrobe to us.

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