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Elimination: Week 1

We're reaching the end of our first week of dresses. I got a lot of great feedback my dresses this week, so now i'm going through the seven dresses and giving each a letter grade based on a point system.
  • Wearability (fit, comfort, utility) (20 pts)
  • Bikability (20 pts)
  • History (20 pts)
  • Craftsmanship/Sustainability (20 pts)
  • Public Feedback (20 pts)
  • Extra credit points
100 points in an A+ and so on. Since I know my readers want blood, the lowest scoring dress for the week will be eliminated. I'll also get rid of anything below a C.

Day 1: Paisley sun dress
Wearability - 18 (great fit, feel pretty in it)
Bikability - 10 (too short)
History - 18 (my husband doesn't buy me presents often)
Craftsmanship/Sustainability - 13
Public Feedback - 17
Extra points: +5 for boots, +5 for necklace
Total score: 87, B+

Day 2: Free Bamboo
Wearability - 19 (feels great)
Bikability - 18 (good length and weight)
History - 20 (designer dress for free!)
Craftsmanship/Sustainability - 20 (it was free and hand crafted)
Public Feedback - 19 (for the most part people liked it)
Extra points: none, I didn't do a good job crafting this outfit 
Total score: 96, A

Day 3: Olive Drab
Wearability - 18
Bikability - 17
History - 15
Craftsmanship/Sustainability - 20
Public Feedback - 19
Extra points: +5 for hair piece, +5 for found jewelery
Total Score: 99, A+

Day 4: Busting out the Boots
Wearability - 18
Bikability - 18 (it's short but the tights make it work)
History - 14
Craftsmanship/Sustainability - 16
Public Feedback - 4
Extra points: +5 for the awesome boots, +5 because it's one of my favorites

Total Score: 85, B
Apparently people really didn't dig this dress, I don't know why, no one left comments. I love wearing it and I wear it with so many things. I'm really not prepared to part with it, even if everyone thinks it's hideous. 

Day 5: The house dress

Wearability - 17
Bikability - 20
History - 20 
Craftsmanship/Sustainability - 20
Public Feedback - 19.5
Extra points: +5 for all the housework I got done in this dress
Total Score: 104.5, A+

Day 6: Toile in the Fall

Wearability - 15
Bikability - 17
History - 15 
Craftsmanship/Sustainability - 18
Public Feedback - 18
Extra points: +5 for the modcloth tights
Total Score: 88, B

Dress 7: Preppy & pretty

Wearability - 8
Bikability - 17
History - 10
Craftsmanship/Sustainability - 5
Public Feedback - 18
Extra points: +5 for shoes
Total Score: 63, D

The dress to be eliminated this week is Dress #7, Preppy and Pretty. It wasn't quite pretty enough and even those cute shoes couldn't save it.

Tomorrow will start a new week of dresses. Thanks for reading, voting and commenting everyone.


laura said…
did you run out of closet space? why do you have to get rid of any of them?
isn't getting rid of that cute brown dress kind of circumventing the sustainability factor? Does someone else need it more than you? Or will you be able to sell it without a loss?
Forevermelody said…
I don't really need to get rid of any of them. I have plenty of closet space. I just don't like wearing the brown dress, Sayuri said she liked it and she'd look very cute in it. I could try to sell it i guess... or throw a clothing swap party at the end of the month... maybe that will be the plan of action.
Haha, hmm I see an evil plan forming in my mind! If i say I hate some dresses and want them burned... and then you hold a clothing swap... and I'm your neighbor... hmm... maybe I can get that dress I say I hate (but secretly love) bwahahah.

Anyway, This was a fun post!
I think that brown dress will look great on Sayuri! And I think otherwise it would feel abandoned in your closet since you have so many other great dresses.
I love the prints on the dress you love (the one with the sweet leggings and amazing boots) I think it's all about how you wear it. I think the outfit you put together looks great with it but it's definitely not a stand-alone dress since it's short.

yay for long comments! ...?
natale eve said…
I love that you did this- very inspiring. I'm thinking about doing something similar to help myself get rid of all my extra clothes lying around.
sayuri.riecke. said…
Hahahahaha I thought that the same thing emily did! that's really funny. But I'm honest with my votes! Also, I will sustain the crap out of that dress :P
wadeassociates said…
Throw a swap party :) I've got a bunch of stuff that needs to go!! I agree with your decision. As a fellow brunette I've noticed personally it's hard to wear a dark brown dress or even sweater that really does something for me - too much brown??

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