Friday, October 8, 2010

Dress #8: Swallows and Starlings

Today's dress was purchased at Crossroads about a year ago and worn extensively through the summer of 2009. I ignored it more of this summer; maybe because I've been teased about wearing this shapeless gunny-sack dress.
Today I punched up the otherwise boring garment with a modcloth belt and a hand-me-down scarf. I'm getting ready to ride home from school so I have my pink headphones around my neck (a gift from Sean and Sarah). I'm wearing those vintage boots from last week and black leggings because it was cold this morning.
In class my teacher used my dress to teach us how to draw flats, I included her drawing below. 

8:30 am classes require a thermos of coffee.
A flat drawing of my dress.

The scarf was a hand-me-down from my photographer and classmate, Libby Bowles.

Modcloth, swallow belt.

Rochelle Fugate Design starling earrings, given to me by Luke


Libby said...

Oh! I meant to tell you today how much I love your belt...and now that you know how I think you should include a flat of your dress in each post ;-)

Forevermelody said...

Hahah, yeah. I might as well, it's not like they stress me out or anything. :p
Thanks for taking the lovely picks and donating the scarf to my fashion cause.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I agree with Libby: flat drawing of dress is cool.

Also, perhaps a photo that actually shows the shape of the dress. Without that drawing I'd have not idea what the dress looked like.

Forevermelody said...

yeah, If I have time, drawing flats would be good practice. Out of everything we've done in fashion illustration class drawing flats is the most stressful for me... but yeah, the more practice the better.


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