Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dress #6: Toile in Fall

Today I'm wearing a toile print dress I picked up from Crossroads about a year ago. Admittedly it's a size too big, oh well. Maybe now's a good time to chuck it.
I paired this dress with some nylons I purchased off modcloth, a really old, beat up pair of Kenneth Cole Reaction flats (I've tried to get rid of them a couple times and I just can't) and my cream cami-bra. The purse is a recent $2 garage sale find, Liz Claiborne, and it holds all my school books.

Some facts about Toile:  
Toile (pronounced twahl) means "cloth" in French. “Toile de Jouy,” or “toiles de Jouy,” are terms that refer to fabric that was first manufactured at a factory in Jouy-en-Josas, a village located southwest of Paris, near Versailles. Typically today Toile refers to a fabric with a print on white or off white background depicting a complicated reoccurring pattern. In this case my print depicts little french children hanging out in a gardens. 

Since we're on the subject, my mom made me this laptop cover out of toile fabric. 

You're turn! What do you like? What don't you like? Vote! Comment! Let me know!
And have an amazing day!


Timily Oldenkamp said...

I think you look classic and grown-up. Like you said, it's one size too big but it still looks nice. You could always get it taken in some day if you'd like. But I think it's a nice flirty but sophisticated dress :)

Forevermelody said...

Yeah, I'm going to my alterations shop today, maybe they can give me an estimate for how much that would cost. I think I'd wear it more if it fit a little better.

natale eve said...

Love the fabric!

Forevermelody said...

I could get it taken in for $20, I don't think it's worth it. I just got my sewing machine fixed. I need to learn how to do my own alterations.

e.llera said...

So glad we could be a part of your pretty outfit! Thanks for featuring ModCloth on your blog.

Your friend,
Elisa at ModCloth

Forevermelody said...

OMG! Modcloth reads my blog!!!!


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