Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dress #5 - The house dress

Today's dress is such a comfy, fun dress to wear. My mother made it for my 24th birthday out of vintage fabric given to her by our friend Andrea Baker. The pattern is vintage too, so it's a new vintage dress.
The dress reminds me a of 40s house dress, something to wear while cooking, running errands and going to the grocery store. Today I had a long list of errands and things I needed to to cook, so it only seemed appropriate to wear my house dress.

Yay! I finished my putting away the groceries!
Sepia to create the vintage feel
The shoes are from Crossroads, Born's for only $15! SCORE!
So I don't feel really gorgeous in this dress, it's a little loose. I just feel a little housewifey in it, which is fine it's just not something I wear to impress people. That being said, the response today has been great or weird... i can't decide.
As I walked to my car to go to Winco and the sewing machine repair shop I was checked out by a guy on a bike. 
In Winco I overheard a couple having a minor dispute in the baking isle and saw them looking over at me.
The man said to his wife, "I think I'd appreciate that..." and then he said, "That's a pretty dress."
I looked at him and he looked away quickly. The woman rolled her eyes. I pretended not to hear. Then they proceeded to stare at me... I asked if I could do anything for them and the woman said curtly, "No, you may not." 
I checked myself over, no weird bunching, or TP hanging off my shoe or hair sticking up - so it must have been the dress, or they were making fun of me... I don't know. 

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sayuri.riecke. said...

It's cute, but I know you have WAY cuter dresses.

Melissa said...

Definitely a keeper. Not an everyday/anything dress, but great for housewife things, as you said. :)
- Melissa

Forevermelody said...

I know, that's what made my grocery store outing so funny. It's a comfy, frumpy house dress and yet I got more attention in this than any other dress so far. I love it!

natale eve said...

Keeper for sure!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Men, they like the ladies..that uh, look like ladies.
YOU: May I help you?
Woman #1: No you may not. (rolls eyes.)

You look fab. Not glamourous, but fabulous none-the-less. Like she baked me the best chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies and served it with the best single malt scotch kind of fab.

Forevermelody said...

Haha, yeah, I made cookies yesterday. And a killer chicken barley soup, loaf of flax seed bread and I cleaned my house! I'm not a glamorous work-place hottie, I'm the wife the guys would cheat on with their Secretary.

Timily Oldenkamp said...

I've just got to say, Melody was definitely a fabulous host to my husband and I last night. It was lovely to be served by a woman wearing this classic look. It's a keeper! Melody made a delicious dinner and dessert for us. Not to mention we got to baby sit the cutest baby boy last night and Melody looked great in her housewife dress with a baby on her lap (making a mess with the barley soup)

Forevermelody said...

That is, the baby was making a mess of the barely soup. Haha, thanks Emily. It was great having you over! I love living by you and your wonderful husband.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to my etsy site! So sweet. I think the grocery store people were just jealous they couldn't sport such a styly dress.

Katie W said...

Ehh, you definitely have cuter dresses. I think I would like it better in blue or green.


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