Monday, October 4, 2010

Dress #4 - Busting out the boots

It's finally chilly in Sacramento. It's been in the 90s all last week, so it was a welcome change getting up this morning and feeling a heavy chill in the house. What dress to wear, the forecast says it will be 75 this afternoon, so It's gotta be versatile.
I decided on this one:

 The dress is some no-name brand made in China I picked up from Crossroads for $5. That being said, it's one of my very favorite dresses. It's too short to wear solo, so I pair it with skinny jeans or in this case very expensive heavy duty leggings.
I bought the leggings this August when I went to San Francisco. I was ill prepared for the frigid coastal climate, wearing a little sun dress, and was forced to purchase expressively priced tights from a sock shop on Haight St.
The boots are vintage leather boots from Bows and Arrows on L Street in Sacramento. I purchased them about a year ago and wore the heck out of them. I ended up getting them resoled because I love them so much and wore them to pieces.
The sweater is a Thrift Town find, $4, The Limited. It's cozy and cable knit and I'm so excited for it to finally be chilly enough to wear it, even if it's just part of the day.

In other news:
Luke and I went wine tasting and checked out a farm yesterday. It was the last day of the season for R. Kelly Farms, so the pickings were slim. It was still fun to tromp around fields picking out own food. On the way back to town we stopped at Scribner Bend Winery, which was lovely, but there was a crowd so we only tasted a few wines before heading back. All and all a delightful outing and we only spend $2.80, an inexpensive date.

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Katie W said...

Pretty and unique! Keep!


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