Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dress #3 - Olive Drab

olive drab
I presented my ensemble to Luke this morning and he called it Olive Drab, then found a color swatch of Olive Drab on the internet to prove his point. The color swatch is from a portable road barricade website, I think they name road barrier colors differently than clothing colors.
The dress is Stem brand, which, from what I gather from the interwebs, is organic cotton and made in Canada. Which is awesome, because I didn't know that when I bought it for $10 at Crossroads over a year ago. Purchasing used ethically-made clothing is like a double-score. I don't pay the high prices and no one is treated unfairly while making my clothes!
Autumn in the garden
The shoes are Seychelles, also from Crossroads, about $12 also more than a year ago. The yellow flower hair clip is from a friend and former co-worker at the Eureka Reporter, Stephanie West's, Etsy Shop. My sister gave it to me for Christmas last year. The earrings are my favorite BlueBell Design earrings, another Humboldt jewelery business owned by a friend of mine.
The necklace was found in a bag on the sidewalk. The brown leggings I've had forever and don't remember where I got them or how much they cost.
The lace peaking out from the top of the dress is my all-time favorite undergarment a cami-bra!
"Is that a lacy tank top or part of the dress?" people ask.
"Nope it's my bra!" I proudly proclaim. A lot of times people don't even ask, so I have to just tell them.
This en-genius undergarment minimizes distracting cleavage and eliminates bunching undershirts and extra layers. I have one in cream and black. 
Cami-bra, found necklace and Bluebell earrings


Nicoletta said...

Lovely! Where did you find cami-bras? I love this concept!

natale eve said...

Love this color- and with a little lace, it totally brightens up whatever "drab" there may be :)

Forevermelody said...

Thanks guys - yeah, I think this ones a keeper even though Luke thinks it's drab. You can get the cami bra at Soma - I posted the link in the blog. Just click on Cami-bra.

Forevermelody said...

drab 1 |drab|
adjective ( drabber , drabbest )
1 lacking brightness or interest; drearily dull : the landscape was drab and gray | her drab suburban existence.
2 of a dull light brown color : drab camouflage uniforms.
fabric of a dull brownish color.
drably adverb
drabness noun
ORIGIN mid 16th cent. (as a noun denoting undyed cloth): probably from Old French drap ‘cloth’ (see drape ).
drab 2
noun archaic
1 a slovenly woman.
2 a prostitute.
ORIGIN early 16th cent.: perhaps related to Low German drabbe ‘mire’ and Dutch drab ‘dregs.’

libby said...

The thing I'm enjoying most is hearing about your courage to actually look into bags you see on the sidewalk and street. It's cracking me up! I really hope to be with you one of these days when you come across something.
Love your styling with the dress, too!

Anonymous said...

I didn't say I didn't LIKE the dress! "Drab" is not a quality judgment, it just is. That dress is made of fabric, it's not a pair of pants and it's drab - these are all facts. Sheesh, butt-hurt much? Also I thought you were very pretty in it.

Forevermelody said...

I am not butt-hurt. I just think it's funny how you look at life and colors.


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