Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dress #27 - Working what what you've got

I'm not a fan of this dress. I got it on clearance at Nordstrom's Rack and I didn't try it on before purchasing. I was trying to think of ways to spice it up. I wanted to do an embroidered bird on the skirt, which is really plain, but I couldn't locate an embroidery hoop.
So I decided to just go crazy with add-ons and accessories.

Here's the dress
Pink scarf as a belt, cardigan from Forever 21
My mom painted the leaf picture behind me, she's really really talented and basically my hero. I love her so much.

Urban Outfitter's Dress top

 My mom made the sweater and the hat for my little sister, who gave them to me. Isn't my mom amazing?!?
The backpack was purchased from Marty May. My friend, Erin, gave me those special socks when we worked together in a really cold office. They were my office socks. That Christmas I gave her fingerless gloves so she could type at work and she gave me the socks and our boss begrudgingly turned up the heat a little.
 Here's my Volcom hoodie with little monster print, purchased at the Bayshore Mall years ago and a vintage fur hat, a gift from my little sister.
There are some of the looks I came up with. Maybe the versatility of this frock makes it a keeper? Maybe I'll find an embroidery hoop and spice up the skirt, maybe it's not worth it and I should just chuck the thing... you decide.
Ok, I also need to decide which of these looks to sport today... any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Are office socks the same as business socks?

Forevermelody said...

Nope, office socks are just for wearing while in a cold office, that's they're called office socks, ooooh.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I think you're right, you have showed how versatile the dress is that perhaps it is a keeper. LOVE the Britannia sweater, omg! And the vintage fur hat makes me want to drink shots of vodka with you.

Rachel K Schlueter said...

Your mom is totally amazing! I would put the fur hat and B. sweater together. I love the little dress for it's potential as an original tapestry - I often see those whoops at thrift stores. Good luck!

Brigette Black said...

I love the fur hat and the style with the cardigan/scarf-as-belt. I think it's a keeper, but a keeper that you should commit to wearing once every 2 months to force yourself to layer and style it!

Forevermelody said...

Bridgette, great idea! I think I still want to try to get something embroidered on this dress... but that does make it decidedly less flexible.

fashionfarmsandfreedome said...

crazy awesome pack! looks great with the sweater

Starfish Breeder said...

Your Dad purchased the fur hat in an antique shop (I think in Gold Country) when Molly was collecting hats. It was a Christmas present. I am glad you are enjoying it honey! (Just thought you'd want its provenance [if that is how you spell the Antiques Roadshow term that means "where it came from"])

wadeassociates said...

With the leggings totally something cute to run around the house in on a rainy day like today.


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