Monday, October 25, 2010

Dress #25 - Case of the Mondays

It's Monday, I have an spelling test in Arabic in a matter of hours, I'm not wearing make-up, I slept on my hair wet and haven't the energy to tame the wild beast - it's going to be a day.

Put on a happy face.
I've been putting cardamon in my coffee like they do in the middle east. It gives it something a little special and reminds me of Jordan. 

The dress was a $10 Crossroads purchases, it's shear so I'm wearing a vintage slip under it. Tights are bamboo fibers and cable knit from Dottie May's Closet. Cardigan is Forever 21 ($11) and the booties are from Target, $10 on clearance. The scarf is a hand-me-down from a friend at school.

And in other news: This project has been a wild success. My readership is up 600 percent since 31 Dresses began on October 1st. Thanks! Who would've thought people would want to read about my dresses? I love the internet.
Well, the project is coming to a close. I've been able to shave down my dress collection and I'll be having a clothing swap sometime in November, which you're all invited to, details to come.

So what's next?
I'm really interested in avoiding purchasing clothes from sweatshops or supporting unfair working conditions in other countries. One way to do this is not buying new clothes.
So, starting December 1st I'm going to go a full 365 days without purchasing new clothes. I can however purchase clothes used, vintage or hand-made clothes. I have a month to stock up on socks and underwear.
I'll craft outfits and do personal style posts and share my thrift-scores here.
What's a good name for this project?
  • No New Year
  • 365 Thrift
  • A Tagless Year
  • Thrifting for Freedom
Any ideas? 

Midtown Friends Quaker Church just launched a new project called Orange Christmas, also dealing with injustice and slavery in a commercial world. They are hosting events to help people make gifts for Christmas.


natale eve said...

I wish I could commit to something like that... I have the utmost respect for you. Go girl! Maybe I'll do a 3 month long similar shindig... MAYBE.

Forevermelody said...

Yes, I want to encourage people to take up a similar challenge for as much time as they are comfortable. I'll get a blog badge for the project and it can be a communal thing! It would be so fun!

Juliana said...

Also, Fremont Presbyterian Church down at the far edge of East Sac hosts an Alternative Christmas Market each year (this year the main day is Saturday November 13th) where they host three different organizations that sell fair trade items. Not as cool as teaching you to MAKE things, but it's nice since there aren't a lot of fair trade options in the Sac area.

I love your plan for the next year! I like the idea of something about "freedom" as a part of the name, so of your suggestions so far I think I like "thrifting for freedom" best... "365 days without sweatshop labor"...? Have fun!

fashionfarmsandfreedome said...

Wow, Melody! So many questions, so much excitement! I cant even begin to pick my favorite title for this project. I like 365 thrift. Quick and strong title, but also diggin' on Thirfting for Freedom for sure! It will get people asking questions and inspired to carry the name along with them. "Hey whatcha doing today" "Im thrifting for freedom!" Yah, now that I working it out on your comment board, I think that is my favorite.
I hope we can hang out in the flesh soon. I would love to get to know you and your awesomeness more! I dont think I can make it to the blogger meet up because I generally work Saturdays in the Cafe.

TheHeatherGirl said...

365 Thrift!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

What a great idea, Melody, regardless of title. I look forward to seeing your creativity and frugality blossom.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

PS: your dress today is major, total keeper.

Louise said...

I love this idea, especially since I am in Africa now and seeing first hand our left over thrift store rejects. I see t-shirts that say Somewhereville, middle school in the little stalls and on many of the people. Not that you would be buying any t-shirts that advertise someones school.

Lisa Z said...

I like this dress today, a lot. Totally new reader here--came over from Sidewalk Chalk, where I'm also a new reader. The colors in this dress, and the style even, are great on you. I don't know that I'd pick it out off a rack, but on you it's my fave so far.


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