Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dress #24 - Windswept and saucy

Dress or long shirt? I'm going with dress. If I wore this with tights it would be a dress, I'm wearing it today with skinny jeans. I believe it still counts and since I'm making up the rules, I win!
It's stormy here.

Dress: knit shirt dress acquired at a naked lady party (clothing swap) in 2008
Belt: SPCA thrift store score, 90 cents, yesterday
Coat: Hand-me-down from a classmate
Jeans: A rag from Willow and Rags Consignment store on the Plaza in Arcata, probably in 2006
Sweater: Ross, a gazillion years ago. I love the big double breasted buttons and I wear it all winter every winter
Boots: Once again, my trusty cowgirl boots from Shipwreck in Old Town Eureka
I'm also wearing my "Grace" necklace from Robin Nelson's <3 Blessings Handmade

I love this look. Short dresses+skinny jeans+boots = feeling long and pretty.


Rachel K Schlueter said...

you look good in reds.

Forevermelody said...

I would say it runs in the family, but I have so many reds as a result of hand-me-downs from my little sister. Or are those hand-me-ups? :) Either way, thanks for the compliment.


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