Friday, October 22, 2010

Dress #22 - Ex-Boyfriend Red

Benefiting from a horrible situation isn't something to brag about, but if the topic comes up, well I have to tell the story.
This dress was purchased in Malta at United Colours of Benetton in 2003 for my little sister by her British boyfriend. She was very guarded of the dress and wouldn't even let me try it on when they were dating. Well, the boyfriend turned out to be a total creeper and broke her heart and I got some great clothes out of the deal. Including this red dress and a hand-knitted Union Jack sweater made by my mom.

The dress is pretty see-through in the right light; so I have to wear a cami-bra and a slip underneath.  It's getting raggedy and there's an ever increasing hole near the zipper, but I feel so thin when I wear it.
The scarf was a hand-me-down, the shoes I got at Marshalls for $30, Kenneth Cole Reaction (I really love that brand). The sweater was a Crossroad's find. 
In other news: Here are some of my homework assignments from fashion illustration class over the past couple weeks. This week's assignment was a three figure presentation, featuring an over garment and pants.

My teacher didn't like that I gave her two dresses, usually you want to present a buyer with one of each kind of garment so they'll buy the whole collection. She also didn't care for the composition of my ladies, she wanted them to look more cohesive. So that's what I'll be working on this week in my three figure alternative-market presentation (I'm doing a maternity collection).
Here are the flats for the above garments - i had a hard time making the lines dark enough in the scanned image so it looks pretty messy, sorry.

Here's my assignment from last which, which was to create an outfit incorporating a man's button-up shirt and the construction elements of jeans. I really struggled with this assignment, probably why I haven't gotten it on my blog earlier. I find flats really challenging and I wasn't very inspired by the topic of the assignment.

I messed up the flats of the vest, but everything else actually turned out better than expected.


TheHeatherGirl said...

Love the red dress! It makes you look like willowy.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I think I take back my comment about the blue dress being my favorite. This one may have usurped it. You look fantastic, and I love the black leggings under the dress.

Kate said...

I remember this dress...It looks great on you!

Rachel K Schlueter said...

love this shade of red, not sure this is the best style for you, love the black bra straps. I think your drawings are very good!

Forevermelody said...

Thanks so much Rachel, that's such a compliment coming from such a talented artist.
Another great thing that came from Molly giving me this dress; I wouldn't know you if she stayed with that Brit. So Hooray!

Timily Oldenkamp said...

The dress looks nice on you :) I was definitely the one who talked said boyfriend into buying Molly that dress! Molly and I saw it then I had Molly leave while I got him to buy it, hehe.


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