Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dress #16 - Lovely in Lace

Dress #16 is one of my Mother-in-law-comes-to-town dresses. Everytime my darling MIL comes down from Humboldt to visit she spends 75% of the time in the mall and I act as shopping buddy. As a thank you she gets me a dress. We found this dress on a clearance rack at Norstroms and after purchasing it I wore it for about a week straight. I flipp'n love this dress!
This is me today.
This is me at the blogger meet-up, photo by Bella Q.
 Today's pictures were challenging. The head on my tripod broke on my bike ride home from yesterday's shoot, so I spent the morning running around trying to find a cheap tripod at thrift stores and garage sales. I wasn't successful. So I had to use my tripod without the head, meaning no vertical shots. Anyway, it turned out ok, but I need a long term solution.

My sister gave me this fabulous hat!

While I was at Thrift Town chasing the prospect of a tripod which turned out to be false I found this wonderful hand-made princess dress for $2. I was planning on being a unicorn for Halloween, but maybe I'll be a unicorn princess... oh the possibilities.


sayuri.riecke. said...

I love this dress, it's so light and summery. Sort of anthropologie-esk. It something you can dress up or dress down.

Kate said...

gorgeous! love this dress :)


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