Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dress # 13 - Dancing stripes

When Luke and I first started dating he swore up and down he'd never dance with me (this is in May, 2003), by my birthday (September) he realized in order to seal the deal he needed to step up his game.
So he surprised me by taking me dancing. From then on we took lessons, joined the local ballroom dancing association and went dancing several times a month, right up until we got married.
We had our favorite rock'n roll band at our reception and Luke danced with me and then... no more dancing.
Every once in a while he'll bust a move at a wedding, but we never went to a genuine swing dance again.
That's all changing tonight. Tonight, Luke is taking me dancing. He planned the whole date. I'm more than excited, I'm elated.
So I wore one of my very favorite dresses today. Here's my dress for my dancing date:
Back detail

It has pockets!

Dress: Urban Outfitters, $15 (Christmas clearance, 2009)
I tried this on over my clothes because the store was so crowded, this works 1 out of three times (I bought three dresses that day, one fit)
Shoes: Biviel, $40 (half-off at Shoe Envy, January 2008)
Shades: Kate Spade, Esther (A 2 Z Eyecare employee discount, 2007)
Hat: gift from Mollyanne Ritter (aka my little sister)
Shoot location: Fremont Park, Sacramento
More pictures from this shoot here.

As I'm typing this in the library at Sac City College a girl gave me a compliment on my dress. So that counts as one keeper vote.

Also, just thought I'd mention this, it's October 13th and 92 degrees here...


travelgirl said...

i'm soooo glad i graduated and don't have to be in that weather anymore! (i used to go to uc davis) however, if you have cute dresses like that to wear around, i guess it probably isn't so bad! i like this one, especially the back -- one more vote for keeper.

wadeassociates said...

I totally saw you biking down P street at lunch! I couldn't tell because of the hat but my first thought was "You go girl - more people need to wear hats!"

laura said...

this dress looks great for dancing because it has stretchy elastic in the back.
and it's cute.

sayuri.riecke. said...

"Hey look ladies, it has POCKETS!"

Louise said...

I am loving your bog. I have been showing it off to all my friends here. That is, when I can get on line, which is not very often. I am missing you but it is so good to see you in your bog.

Forevermelody said...

Thanks Mom. I'm so glad you're enjoying this silly little project. I miss you a lot too. I love getting on my google analytics page and seeing readers in Tanzania and India. :)


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