Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dress #10 - 10.10.10

Getting dressed is fun when you know people will see you. I'm wearing an obnoxiously pink jersey dress, Forever 21, $10. I'm also wearing black lacy leggings, my black cami-bra, and a pink pendant choker purchased in New York.

On my way to the farmer's market I passed a garage sale. I purchased a little dress for a dollar. I tried it on and decided to wear it out. Yes, I did change my dress at the farmer's market. 

After picking up three huge bags of fruit (gonna make apple sauce, apple butter, dried apples, etc.), and then going to a Thai place for lunch, the zipper on the black dress popped, so I changed my dress again at the Thai place.
Now, I need to learn how to replace zippers. 
I know adding dresses to my closet is counter intuitive to this whole project... but it was a dollar! Check out those awesome sleeves!


sayuri.riecke. said...

I love the dress you got for a $1!! That's amazing and cute!

Libby said...

which do we vote for? I'm so confuuuused!
Oh, I'll just tell you: new dress is a definite thumbs up...the pink, not so much. And what a beautiful choker!

Jesse Noe Mendez said...


I was looking through your blog, and I really like the style and themes you have here. I have an invitation for you to visit my art blog, and if you follow me, I will follow you... :)

So what do you think?

I hope to hear from you soon.


Tessa said...

New Dress = YES fix the zipper!
Pink Dress = eh. you look way better in the new dress :)

Forevermelody said...

Yeah, I concur. I'm totally giving the pink dress the thumbs down. I am super stoked about the new one, now gotta learn zipper repair.
I found it at this gay couple's moving sale, they were selling all sorts of awesome costumes, wigs, hats, shoes... most of it was too big for me, but this random little dress they had for a costume prototype caught my eye. They had me try it on there so they could see someone in it, cause they hadn't ever seen anyone in it. I also got a pair of white mesh gloves, super cute.
Uhhhh, the votes will count toward the pink dress. Sorry, this post was confusing. :)

Anonymous said...

i love the dress you got for a dollar! super awesome price, for an amazing dress!

travelgirl said...

I guess I am alone in sort of liking the pink dress. I mean, it does look pretty bright and obnoxious-ish, but I don't know, I think it's sort of cool in its own way. And the new one is really cute, too. Gotta love clothes for a dollar!

Forevermelody said...

No, don't get me wrong, it's a cute enough dress... but i have others. It's not my favorite... and the color is just a little too bright. I think it will go to a great home during the clothing swap.

Michelle said...

Just stumbled on your blog at blogcatalog. Love that you changed your outfit and then changed back! Now to have a looksy and a laugh at your other posts :)

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I like the pink dress, but the new one is better. Ah, I wish I could have gone to that garage sale. I LOVE COSTUMES!

The pink dress is a great color. The stylin' is '80's and so I wouldn't have added the '80's era lace leggings OR the pumps. You have to play the '80's down, or reinvent it. The shoes should be flats, as in ballerina or doc's for the pink. And maybe shorten the sleeves.

The second dress is a serious score. The no-color thing looks great on you, and the cut is pretty rad. Take the dress to a tailor and have them replace the zipper.

a-bay said...

The first dress is OK, not as cute as your others so you should pass it on. The second dress is absolutely freakin' adorable. Agreed, sleeves are amazing! So jealous! <3 A-Bay

Forevermelody said...

Thanks Bella, you know you're so right. I didn't even think about the 80s-ness of that dress.
We need to hang out more so you're style can rub off on my. You're so daring and fun!


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