Sunday, October 24, 2010

Comic: Singing in the Rain

Here's another original autobiographical comic from the lives of Luke and Melody. This particular event took place as we walked to church today in the pouring rain. In the fourth panel I did actually responded with, "You should've thought of that before you married a girl named Melody."
I decided not to include it in the comic because I painted in the rain before making a speech bubble.
Hope you enjoy it!


Libby said...

I don't know, Melody. That punch line is so perfect I think you should paint it again!

coco said...

What an adorable comic! I love it! You're a very nice artist too, btw :}

Thank you so much for the comment and the kind words on my blog! I do indeed take my own photos, usually anyway, though with the recent breakage of my tripod, it's been a little hard. That particular day though, I made my mom take them for me XD lolol

xoxo coco

Forevermelody said...

Well, great photos. I take most of my own photos too, and my tripod recently broke! I eventually found one on craig's list for $10. So that made me happy.


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