Friday, October 1, 2010

31 Dresses - Day 1

It's October 1st. There are 31 days in October and I'm going to wear a dress for every one of them. I've been really into personal style blogs as of late. When I counted my dresses recently and was chided by my husband for having too many, it gave me an idea.
Wear a dress a day for a month, blog about it, then ask my readers to decide if the dress should stay in my closet, be donated, or burned.

Let the fashion democracy begin!

Here's the first dress:

 The dress was purchased at Dottie May's Closet, in Arcata Ca. by my husband, just because he loves me. I don't think there was any occasion, perhaps I was having a bad day. The boots are from this wonderful vintage store called Shipwreck, in Eureka, and are my go to summer boots. I'm wearing a necklace also from Dottie May's by a Humboldt designer Robin Nelson, it's a square pendant with real Humboldt moss and the word "grace" in tiny letters. Grace is my middle name and favorite concept.  The vest is from Crossroads. 
I love this dress. So I'm starting off the month strong.  Hope you all stay tuned for my next 30 dresses.
Some blogs that inspire me:
The Starship Narcissus - I liked this girl's blog before I found out she was the lead singer of Cake's little sister

Special thanks to my photographer, Emily Sutter!


the Citizen Rosebud said...

Great concept. I love dresses, and outfit challenges and I see you are up for it.

Thanks for the mention, chica. Most appreciated!

Kate said...

Would love to see some more close-ups, especially of that necklace! Sounds really pretty!

libby said...

Well, I was lucky enough to see the whole ensemble in person and it looks fabulous! Definitely a you know.
This is a favorite blog of mine you may already know about, but it's timely:
It's well worth digging into the archives. Check out the "Secret Lives of Dresses" in the right margin...great short stories told from the point of view of the dress.

Forevermelody said...

Thanks, Libby, Kate, and Rosebud! I appreciate all the support.
Thanks for the link Libby, I love this blog too!

natale eve said...

Such a great idea! Maybe this will inspire me to do the same- I'm more of a pants and top knda girl :)

Erin Tracy said...

Oh so cute. Love it with the boots


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