Monday, September 27, 2010

Love for Crimson and Clover and meeting other bloggers

Crimson and Cover is one of the best, most reasonably priced vintage stores in Sacramento.
I've scored so many little treasures over the past year and even my husband enjoys a C&C visit.
The two designers, collectors, fashionista's who own the place are wonderful ladies, here are their blogs, and
They just hosted a fashion blogger meet-up, organized by The Citizen Rosebud (comprehensive fashion commentary) and on Saturday and I had the privilege to be invited. It was there I found the most beautiful purple-polka-dot vintage dress. The boots are from Shipwreck in Eureka, Ca. My mom gave me the pearls.

I've loved purple since I decided it was my favorite color 20 years ago. At the time all my friends' favorite color was pink, and so I chose purple to be different. I realized I didn't have a purple dress and needed one. So this dress was perfect, especially after getting this beautiful purple accented Pork Chop necklace earlier this week.

Other Lovely Fashion Bloggers at the meet-up:

Lisa McCrea -  Starship Narcissus - Vintage and thrifted treasures 
Kerry Lin Dolan -  Fashion Farms and Freedom - dressing pretty and living sustainably
Lorena Beighter - Sac Cycle Chic - Bicycle advocacy and fashion
Kari Shipman -  Juniper James - Personal stylist and Sac-town fashionista
Jen Wade - Wade and Asscociates - Fashion show coordinator providing services for the eclectic girl in the working world
Natale Eve - Evelesco - tips for thrifting and vintage finding, fashion inspiration for the light of wallet 
Laura Braden - Girls on the Grid - Girls who love living, working and playing in the Central City
Jeanine Mengel -  - a little photo blog
(Thanks to Bella Q at The Citizen Rosebud for compiling this nifty list)


the Citizen Rosebud said...

It was so good to meet you. I'm very glad you came. And by the way, that dress looks amaaaazing on you!

natale eve said...

This was such a great meet up- and I can't wait for your article in Midtown Monthly either! Nice to meet you again :)

<3 natale eve


I am glad you came. I am glad you love the necklace and your business card holder "MG" it was ment for you!


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