Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scared into bicycle safety

Before Monday I didn't regularly wear a helmet while cycling. I can't even remember the last time I pulled my pink skateboarding helmet out of the closet, but I know it was recent because it's been hanging on my vacuum cleaner for a few weeks now. Tells you how often I vacuum.
My attitude towards helmets, cycling and cars all changed in a split second as I was trying to cross Freeport Blvd. I looked down the road in both direction, at a cross walk. Far down the street on the opposite side of the road I saw a car. I figured it was far enough away to begin to slow down and I'd make it across, the car wouldn't even have to stop.
Half way across the street I noticed the car wasn't slowing down and was going incredibly fast. I slam on my bike breaks (which are the coaster breaks) and the car swerves around me. Narrowly missing my front wheel. The car screeches away without even an apologetic wave.
Helmets aren't the only thing we can do to help improve bike safety, especially on Freeport. There have been countless bike related accidents on that artery. There's a junior college and a high school on that street and no bike lanes and people speed. It's proven a deadly combination.
Safety Along Freeport For Everyone (SAFFE) is a group trying to get the road widened and bike lanes added.
I also called the Sacramento Police Department traffic division and filed a complaint about the road and I called the City of Sacramento traffic and planning division and asked for some traffic slowing devices along the road.
And that's the story. 


Kate said...

Yikes! I'm so glad you're okay! Good job on letting people know. With so many more bikers on the road now, there needs to be space for everyone!

Forevermelody said...

I got a call from the city's traffic division today, he said he's send over one of those traffic monitoring signs to let people know how fast they are going. He's also going to ask for more law enforcement along the road. He also mentioned a larger project in the works to bring it down from two lanes on each side to one on each side and bike lanes and a turning lane. The system works!

Brian Hogan said...

I find it hard to be all activist and political when it's my little girl having a near death experience. Buy a stylish helmet and keep it on at all times - even in bed - you do live in earthquake country.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I hate riding my bike down Freeport- it is scary!

I'm none to sure that bike helmets will save us, however. Stats show that bike helmet laws don't reduce numbers of injuries/accidents, but the more people on the bikes, which increase where there isn't any bike helmet laws do reduce accidents/injuries.

I have a skater helmet I use on my ebike. Not sure how it really would protect the pudding. But on regular bike, I go commando. Risky? Jury's out on that one.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

LoL at Papa Hogan. But he's right: you do live in earthquake country.


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