Monday, August 2, 2010

building a vocabulary

It is my dream, and current life goal, to become a community college professor. 

The first step in attaining this goal is taking the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), so I may apply to attend Sacramento State University's Communication Graduate Studies Program. 

At first I thought it was going to be easier than walking, but after going over some study material and finding out what's really on the exam, I got a little sick to my stomach.

In addition to some mad math skills, I need a better vocabulary. 

So, I'll be working on my vocab by drafting pithy and entertaining sentences using the words I need to commit to memory and posting them on my twitter:

The word of the day is: spatchcock

Ex#1: Make sure the turkey is properly spatchcocked before putting it in the oven. 
A spatchcocked chicken.

Ex#2: It seems random plot lines were spatchcocked through out the movie, giving the film a disjointed feeling. 
(If the word still doesn't make sense to you, here's the dictionary definition)
Maybe you could comment using spatchcock in a sentence. 

A note; for those of you interested in the 31 Dresses Project, it has been postponed on account of me getting a professional job and it being too hot to cover up my sundresses with cardigans (making them work appropriate). So pencil in the project for October and we'll see how we're feeling then.  

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