Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to Community College and Halloween Prep

I sped through school the first time, taking only classes I needed. So I didn't get to explore or take those time consuming classes just for fun, like languages or art.
So now I'm between careers and redefining Melody.
My first week at Sacramento City College is complete. I learned about five letters in the Arabic alphabet and how to greet someone and find out their name in standard Arabic.
I'm also taking a communication class and fashion illustration.
I've always liked drawing and I'm trying to discipline myself to do it more. My preference is drawing whispy girls in dresses, so fashion illustration seemed like a good fit. So far, it is.
Here's a profile I did this week. We are learning how to draw faces.

Drawn from a magazine
On a similar topic - Halloween is just around the corner. My husband wants to go as a WWII soldier, so I thought I'd dress up as Rosie the riveter. This would require finding a work shirt, vintage slacks, work boots, and a red bandanna. See sketches below:
So yeah, that would be fun. However, my friend Sarah made this awesome unicorn ear/horn head band for her Halloween costume last year, and when I was up in Humboldt last her husband noticed my white leg warmers looked like unicorn legs and let me borrow the headband. After spending some time pretending to be a unicorn, I'm thinking it'd be really fun to be a unicorn this year for Halloween!

So maybe we'll just have to go as an army man and a unicorn. That's fine, right?


Peter Hogan said...

I'm diggin' them.

Kate said...

Your drawings are fantastic! I can't wait to see how well you will be able to draw after your classes! And I vote for Rosie the Riveter, SUCH a cute idea!

Kari Risher said...

I LOVE the Rosie sketches. They make me want to BE her! I think you should go as a unicorn though - that's way more fun and whimsical. Great job on the sketches!


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