Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An artist's ego

For a long time I didn't draw unless I was listening to a lecture.
Just last week I started again, I bought some nice pencils and a sharpener and picked up an old sketch book and began drawing again.

I love comics and I often look at the interactions in my life as if they were a three panel comic. So when my husband got home from work and went off on a tirade about how I don't spend enough time buying him mustard, I drew the interaction.

Then I posted it on facebook for all my friends to see, even my friends who are legitimately good artists and could draw circles around me.  After about 30 minutes of digital silence I panicked and took it down.

Maybe it is only funny to Luke and I, and that's ok. However, there must be something about creating which makes you want to share it, even at the risk of getting rejected.
So I'm sharing it here, in this blog space. I feel it's safe because not everyone reads it, mostly my Mom and really close friends.

Click here for the full comic, enjoy.
Sorry about the link, I couldn't get the comic to sit big enough in blogger. I have a long way to go as a web comic artist, I guess. 


Nicki said...

hahaha, so something my hubs would say! lol

Tessa said...

I think it's cute. Very real life, and I can imagine it was much funnier in real life. :)

Louise said...

I love it! But what do I know I am just your mom. I am totally jealous of your comic drawing skills. I was suppose to make a pamphlet to teach the signs of anemia to oral learners. I was wishing hard for your skill.

Kate said...

oh my gosh, this makes me miss you guys! i have always been super jealous of your drawing. keep it up!!

laura said...

deedee, i know this was done a while is october 27th as i post this comment. but i just was catching up on your '31 dresses' and found it..
kevin and i totally cracked up, then realized we had only read the first panel..finally saw the rest and laughed more.

could be jet lag..or you are seriously funny!

Forevermelody said...

Thanks for the Encouragement, I'm so happy people enjoy my dorky little life-comics. Biomics?

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your blog, and this comic, while following links around the internet about the whole "urban homestead" kerfuffle. It legitimately made me giggle out loud, which is not something I do a lot while reading comics. Your facebook friends missed out! Now off to read more of you stuff... keep it up!


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