Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I am Cycle Chic, apparently.

Seriously, it's on her blog, right here.
Lorena Beightler started a fashion cycling blog called Sac Cycle Chic in 2008. It's affiliated with the original Cycle Chic out of Copenhagen. The mission is cycling meets fashion; documenting beautiful people on their beautiful bikes. 
So, I got dressed up for the Friday night concert in the park in my friend Karen and sure enough we got our picture snapped as we were picking up our bikes from the valet bike parking. 

I'm wearing a linen dress from United Colours of Benetton, my little sister's ex-boyfriend bought it for her back in 2002 or 3. She gave it to me after they split. The hat is also my little sister's, she collected hats up until a few weeks ago when she gave them all to me! The balloon is Sacramentopress.com, they were giving them away at the concert and I've never been one to turn down a free balloon. 
I must admit I'm just wearing my usually old summer flippy-floppies and they don't even match the outfit, I get I didn't except to be featured in a fashion blog.

I also didn't expect my flippent comment on the Sac Press would be featured on the front of the culture page, but here it is. Once again, if i'd know it was going to be highlighted I would have been more erudite. 

1 comment:

Kate said...

you're showing up all over the place! looks like you're really fitting in in sacramento :)


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