Friday, July 23, 2010


I recently counted up all the dresses in my closet and found I owned 42.

Now some of those dresses in the count are really long shirts, and so there for shouldn't be included. However, you get the idea.
I really like dresses.

When my husband found out about my plethora of pretty dresses he kindly asked me to downsize. So i got rid of nine dresses, the ones I never wore or never fit me right.

Now I feel I'm lacking, I feel I need more dresses. I was satisfied at 42, perhaps that's the perfect number of dresses.

As I type this I'm still in my oversized night shirt, wondering what to wear... sigh...


Kate said...

Oh Melody, I know exactly how you feel. As you probably know, my wardrobe is 80% pretty dresses, 10% pretty coats and 10% skirts and tights, my pretty dress count is probably up in the same range as yours, and I always felt that I needed just a few more dresses to complete my collection :) There was no need to buy more, but there was always that desire (perhaps I was trying to get to 42!). One day, though, in January I remember having three dresses laid out on my bed, two coats on the chair and a variety of shoes on the floor, trying to work out the best combination of all of them, when it hit me that I had enough clothes to last me for at least a year! For six months after that, every time I felt the desire to buy another beautiful dress, I did, but I bought it for someone else who needed it way more than I did. It got rid of the desire, and didn't take up any more space in my full closet :)

Forevermelody said...

Haha, you have a beautiful dress collection. I have thought about the other who need the dresses more, but half the time the dresses i'm looking at are on sale, super inexpensive and just my size. Who else could possible need them.
Also, dresses are multi-use. In the summer they are light and cool enough to wear and in the winter I throw on some boots, tights and a cardigan and I'm good to go. Part of that is because I live in California, with our pansy winters.
I've decided i'm going to try to not purchase any new dresses myself, the last new dress I got my Mother in-law purchased and my friend Erin just gave me a new white eyelet dress, and i'm working for store credit at Dottie May's closet. I should be set for a while. :) Hopefully.


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