Monday, July 26, 2010

31 days, 31 dresses, 31 crucial decisions

Hello readers,
I have an idea for this blog. As you have read I have a plethora of dresses. 31 now, I got rid of 11.
That's still enough for an entire month.

Here's the idea: every day for the month of August I wear a dress. I write about how the dress fits, if i'm fidgeting with it the whole day, how bikable it is, how I feel in it, how other people respond to it (charting compliments etc.) I'll post post pictures at the beginning of the day and at the end, to see if it wore well the entire day.
I'll also mention shoes and accessories, and so on.
Dark blue, lace colar,
Gift from my mother-in-law
Pink eyelet and lace
Dottie May's Closet
It was on sale, $20

 Then you, the readers, will weigh in on whether I should keep the dress, throw it away or donate it to charity.

So what do you think? Yes? No? Comments? Questions? 
Vintage, $1 from Crimson and Clover,
I never wore it.
Pastel drop waist tweed, pleated skirt,
$10 at Ross in 2006


April said...

I like them all, but the bright pink one not so much. You look great in anything though Melody!! I especially like the tweed dress, so cute.

Louise said...

I love this idea, go for it. I would like to see the pink one on you. Looking forward to August.

Forevermelody said...

Funny thing about the the pink dress. I cut it to pieces with the intention of making it into a strappy little number... sewing machine is broken and I don't know how to sew. So now it's in pieces in my closet... someday.
Those are really just examples of my dresses, a taste for when August comes, when you all get to weigh in on my wardrobe.

Forevermelody said...

Ok, i was afraid of this. I just landed a new job, hooray! Except they have a very business-attire dress code, I don't think I could get away with most of my dresses, even with cardigans and tights. This might not work. :(

Kate said...

Wow! Congrats on the new job, but I'm bummed that this might interrupt this wonderful idea! I was looking forward to it!


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