Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My cycling wish list

The more I get into cycling the more stuff I want.
Here are some of the things on the top of my list.

  • A brooks saddle - Not only do these look amazing I've heard from a number of reliable sources they are super comfy. This one is on Amazon.com for $122. I've heard it's well worth the cost since they last forever. To see a saddle in person you can visit the Bicycle Chef at 3184 N Street, Sacramento. The other local bike shops have them on display as well. 

  • Stylish helmet

  • Leather handle grips - These are on Amazon.com for $20, which is a great deal. I like the way they look and feel and I'd love to switch out my old plastic grips. 

  • A stylish helmet - Basically I love everything on The Bicycle Muse website and I'd like to own any number of their products, however, I see having a stylish helmet to go along with my stylish bike and outfits as a must. This one is both a helmet and a hat and comes in a brilliant red as well as a harringbone pattern.

  • Reflective ankle spats

  • Reflective Ankle Spats - I didn't even know these existed five minutes ago and now I'm quite sure I can't live without them. They are safe, stylish and keep your feet dry! Function and fashion in a reflective package, all for just $65.

  • A folding bike - I love cycling, all the time. But sometimes I have to drive somewhere and then I want to ride my bike. Unfortunately the $15 car bike rack we got off craig's list was a bust and is missing some pieces. So what I really need is a folding bike. Just throw in the trunk and go. Take it on a train or plane or automobile. This one is on Craig's list for only $115. Such a steal. 

  • A tandem bike - With the Summer Seersucker Ride less than week away I wish I had a way my honey and I could ride together without getting separated. I've seen a few on craig's list for around $150, yet another thing to save up for.

  • Tailored knickers from B. Spoke Tailor - This Oakland based cycling artist makes beautiful riding knickers for dapper ladies and gents. The handmade knickers are $175 and take about six weeks. 

  • Ok, this list could go on indefinitely.
    Big thanks are due to my dear mom and sister. My mom made me a darling seersucker skirt and my sister gave me a straw hat with a green ribbon and veil. Thanks for making some of my cycling wishes come true.


    Kate said...

    What a wonderful list! The only thing I would add, is a 'skirt guard' that goes around the gears so long dresses don't get caught! I'm loving your blog! Wish I were planning fashionable bike rides and beautiful gardens :)

    Forevermelody said...

    there are a lot of DIY skirt guard instructions online, I might try one and blog about it.


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