Sunday, May 16, 2010

Urban gardening - by a beginner

Our gorgeous house in Midtown, Sacramento has a large shady backyard. Perfect for lounging, not so good for growing.

Another hurdle Sacramento urban farmers must jump is the soil quality. It's thick clay.

Last year I started with a couple tomato plants, some squash, carrots, basil, and green beans. The harvest was meager, if it weren't for Trader Joe's we wouldn't have made it through the winter.
This year I'm determined to have a more bountiful harvest than last.
I've opted for container gardening to ensure the maximum amount of light and perfect soil quality. Also I'm trying to cut back on slugs and snails, which ate all my carrots last year except one.
We set out beer traps and that worked amazingly. However I'm still noticing little snails munching on my pepper plants and I might need to get more aggressive.

I planted my garden mid April. We had some pretty heavy storms since then and I was worried for my little plants, but they are thriving so far. I harvested my first snap pea and I have heirloom and cherry tomatoes on the vine!

Check it!

Compost - we dug a hole in the ground and Luke turns it every week. It's a worm machine. We turned up giant handfuls of worms in dark nutritious soil!

View from my balcony of the blooming garden. I'm using a soaker hose and a timer to make sure my plants get their needed water.

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Viquena said...

Our "garden" (pots in the cement enclosure) have been regularly fertilized with paint chips from our neighbor--I'm glad one of us is having success. :) We'll need to compare compost notes though, Chris and I currently have two bins (which I'm in charge of) in rotation.


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