Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things I liked at Maker Faire

If Maker Faire was Facebook I'd have gone around and clicked like on just about everything there. I collected so many business cards and promotional stickers my back pockets had an unsightly bulge.
To save you some time and a pocket bulge here are some of my very favorite things from Maker Faire.
  1. Two eight-foot tall Tesla coils playing video game music - The group was ArcAttack and the show was incredible. 
  2. All the steam-punk exhibits were fascinating and webisodes made by the League of Steam can be found online - here
  3. Far West Fungi had grow-you-own mushroom cubes for sale, I was very impressed.  
  4. Effie's Heart - a designer specializing in comfy vintage-style outfits, some with a cycling flair. I purchased a cycling cap. 
  5. Coke Zero and Mentos - Just incredible to see live. The air was wet with minty soda and the children in the front row were sure they had tasted heaven. You can watch the videos of this incredible feat of science on their website. 
  6. Apparently there's a club for people who build R2D2 robots, which is awesome. I got to see a whole herd of the little droids at the Faire.
  7. Felt-house-planters - the felt keeps the soil moist and can be hung almost anywhere, so you can have a garden on your dog house or the side of your house. Pretty simple to make also, my friend said, "This is so easy, all we need is a goat!" - although I think you can purchase felt also, you don't need to make if from scratch. Sorry folks, I couldn't find a link for these people, but there is a company called Woolly Pockets with a similar product on the market, it's less DIY and more buy-it-from-them. 

My new cycling cap. 

Of course Maker Faire was huge and incredible and there were so many wonderful things worth mentioning, but this is a shortened and focused list. Next year you'll have to go to the faire and see it all your self.

More pictures of Maker Faire.

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