Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tally ho! Tweed ride away!

Saturday morning I celebrated bike month by dawning my favorite pastel tweed dress ($10 at Ross circa 2006), my brand new mod-cloth stockings with the steam down the back, an a pair of brown high heels. I got on my bike and rode to One Speed, a bicycle themed restaurant in East Sacramento for the May is Bike Month Tweed-lite right.

In April I became obsessed with this thing called "Tweed Rides." They happen all over the country and Sacramento just got on board in the Fall. I attended the spring Tweed Ride and fell in love.

150 people dressed in period costume on bikes riding through the city. We had breakfast at Zebra Bar, then rode to the Bike Kitchen for coffee, then we took off and posed for photos on the capital steps. That was followed by a longer ride to Land Park for a picnic, then we visited a speak-easy style bar called Shady Lady for drinks and wrapped up the whole adventure at Hot Italian for pizza.

Saturday we did a light version of the larger ride. Meeting up for breakfast and then a ride around the university and the river.

The next large ride is in June. I'll have to miss it on account of my parents moving to Australia. Oh well, there will be more.

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