Monday, May 31, 2010

The death of music writing - Music is Math

Christopher R. Weingarten (@1000TimesYes) - Music Writer, and Village Voice

My job as a rock journalist became obsolete right about the time I joined the industry. Weingarten explains how search engine optimization is dumbing down music writing and no one is thinking critically, magazines hire bloggers who just plug in trending keywords to get as many hits as possible. Because albums are leaked months before they hit shelves consumers can listen to the album and they don't need a music reviewer to tell them what it's like. They can decide if they like it or not, this is good and bad, it's turned the music writing industry into a game of "firsties," no one cares about the quality of the message as long as they get it out first.

This kind of piggy-backs on my discovery that every time I mention Tegan and Sara in my blog readership spikes

"Good writing dies at the hands of search engine optimization," Weingarten said and the crowd applauded. It's really a brilliant lecture, well worth a listen.

Weingarten writes twitter album reviews here.

Fleet Foxes, Tegan and Sarah, Broken Social Scene, Lady Gaga, She and Him, Vampire Weekend, OutKast, Surfer Blood, Flobots, Girl Talk, Iron and Wine, Death Cab for Cutie... you get the picture. 


Emily said...

Makes me sad. Music writing is an age-old art! The process should be respected!
stupid marketing and money-money-chasing.
You are an excellent rock journalist even if it's "on it's way out."
My hope is that there will be a pendulum swing in our lifetime and we'll all get a chance to put down our cell phones and iPods and just experience life...

Anonymous said...

I find it amusing, and I completely concur with the author of this article. I personally have become jaded with the way popular music in general has become less about content and even more about the money. Fret not, if you look hard enough outside the labels you will find those that are my kindred. Working by day and passionately toiling away, composing, experimenting, and tinkering by night.

Many people have really, truly forgotten the spirit of musicianship and being a composer. I could spend every night of my life writing music, not releasing it, not making a penny and be happy about it....or maybe I'm just a recluse, take your pick. Good day and goodbye for now.


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