Sunday, May 16, 2010

A change of plans

It's funny how sometimes God gives you exactly what you need even when initially it seems like a tragedy.
I am no longer employed at the Auburn Journal. Yes, initially it was a shock, but I quickly remembered how miserable I was at that job and how I even prayed to be released from my commitment to that paper. So - since I don't want to air my grievances across the internet. I just want to update my faithful readers, all six of you, about my new found state of being.

My plans are to blog lots, freelance at will, ride my bike constantly and tend my ever expanding urban garden.

I'm also working toward grad school in Fall 2011, because that's the soonest they're taking new applicants.
It's been my dream for sometime to become a junior college professor. So, I hope to attend Sacramento State's communication program.

So, like the amaryllis my husband has tended for the past three years, sometimes it takes time for something to bloom and my season is coming.
Ok, that was cheesy, I just wanted to reference that flower because it finally bloomed and here are some pictures!

Amaryllis in bloom...


Luke said...

Like a phoenix from the ashes... a sexy phoenix.

Emily said...

Beautiful Amaryllis! Well done!


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