Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Two minute bank robber

In today's Daily Democrat there's an article about a bank robber. The gentleman entered North Valley Bank on Main Street in Woodland. Received a little more than $300 in cash and walked down Main Street toward College.
The police station being only a few blocks away and my office being directly across the street, both cops and reporters were able to get on scene pretty quick.
That of course didn't occur to the few but loud commenters on our website claiming it must be a staged robbery to make the cops and paper look good.
This of course was insulting to me, because I did run as fast as I could to get on the scene, and the officers did a great job responding to the call. Anyway, it's fairly amusing, so check it out.

Today I got into work and there was a possible homicide coming over the scanner. So I spent the morning hanging out in front of a the Dunton Motel. No real news yet, but you can stay updated on the 


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