Monday, January 4, 2010

A show! Tonight!

I feel bad, I'm aware that most of my readers are in Humboldt, but here's a show happening tonight at the Press Club in Midtown, Sacramento.

A punk band, Pregnant and a indie-folk band Ellie Fortune, and an ungooglable band entitled Church.
Ellie Fortune is from Sacramento so I'm excited to see them and make them one of my favorite local bands. They remind me a little of Bon Iver and Iron and Wine. Really pretty, rather ambient in nature with a rough folksy feel. I'm really dig'n their myspace songs here at work.

So much so my coworker resorted to throwing paper clips at me because she couldn't get my attention.
(A tap on the should would have worked, Erin)

The show starts around 9 and the cover is $3

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