Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Vampire Weekend!

This is excellent news, a gift to all mankind - thanks to National Public Radio we can listen to the whole Vampire Weekend album, Contra.

Vampire Weekend's debut self titled album burst onto the scene in Spring of 2007. All of a sudden these poppy/island/West African style tunes were everywhere. Initially I was distrusting of the gorgeous clean cut ivy-league songsters, but after seeing them live at Treasure Island I was whole heartedly won over as a die-hard fan.

A sophomore album can make or break a band, especially one shoved into stardom so quickly. So it was with caution I approached Contra - but within two minutes of Levi's warbling vocals and the upbeat indie pop that I knew it was better than the first.

The album goes on sale Jan. 12 - until then enjoy Contra on NPR.

Ezra Koenig - at Treasure Island in September 2008

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