Monday, January 4, 2010

Good bye '09

2009 was a pretty lame year and enough media outlets have pointed this fact out and belabored the point, so I'm not gonna.

Things I accomplished in 2009...
Well I started out the year unemployed, my husband was also unemployed except for a few odd jobs here and there and our savings were dwindling.

After a brilliant stint in 2008 as the entertainment editor of the Eureka Reporter I was reeling. I reeled back into my first career of optometric assistant and landed a job in Sacramento. I promptly lost that job and four hours later found a job in Davis.
While toiling away in the optometry field, making $14.50 and hour, I still yearned for the low-paying abuse of a newsroom. So in June I landed a job at the Woodland Daily Democrat. I took a severe pay cut to cover community news in Yolo County.

So far, I love it. Yes I miss being an entertainment editor and spending my days chatting up musicians in coffee shops and my nights rocking out going to shows. Now I spend my nights at city council meetings or playing World of Warcraft. A serious decline in cool points, I know.

I left my friends and family in foggy foresty Humboldt for the highways and rivers of the Sacramento Valley. I've made some excellent new friends and learn a lot more stuff and I love living in Midtown Sacramento.

But I have some plans for 2010 -

  1. Go to more shows! 2009 was lacking in music. I switched from KSLG to NPR and while I enjoy the information I haven't moved my musical taste forward in the past year. I need to grab the camera and a pad of paper and just cover shows, even if I have to go by myself.
  2. Keep this blog alive. I love writing about music. I want to keep doing it!
Ok, there's that. I hope to be reporting more about music and the like in the upcoming months.
For all my faithful readers - happy 2010!

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