Wednesday, December 23, 2009

a long line of people

Note to self, if you want to go to a Cake concert in their home town - arrive early.
Cake announced the show at the Blue Lamp 24 hours in advance. With no advertising and just some quick face book and e-mails to their fan list, I assumed it wouldn't be hard to get into the bar show.
Silly me.
We arrived when the doors were advertised to open, around 9 and there was a line down the block, the bar was at capacity and they weren't letting anyone in. We waited for more than an hour and listened to the band play from outside. I leaned up against the wall, feeling the bassy vibrations on my head.
Little by little the line shrunk as people lost hope and sought other Tuesday evening activities.
We met some cool people, had some great conversations, made some great memories, and didn't get to see Cake.
We tried really hard to convince the door man to let us in, but in the end there was he wouldn't budge.
Oh well, there will be other times. Although probably not for a year since they are going on tour and wrapping up and album. Busy guys.
So major disappointment, and my press credentials did nothing for me.
Well, they'll be sorry when we write about this for our QuickFast column this week.

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