Thursday, September 24, 2009

Embarasssing business cards

In my new job, as an everything reporter, I do a lot of city, health, county, development and generally big important stories. Every once in a while I'll find myself with only my "Melody Stone, Rock Journalist" business cards, a title I was so proud of in Humboldt, and now I'm a little embarrassed by.
Just because the focus of my career was music journalism, until said career was derailed by a greedy selfish media mogul, doesn't mean I'm not completely qualified to cover this California State Licensing Board contractor's sting.
I wish I owned the Rock Journalist title here, and perhaps, soon I'll get back into it. But it's not like starting out in Humboldt. There are big time rock journalists in these parts. A friend of a friend used to work at the Daily Democrat, went to Sacramento News and Review and is now freelancing for SPIN!
This big fish is realizing there are lots and lots of bigger fish in this much bigger pond, and she misses her little pond where she was friends with all the other fish.

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