Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bridge School - not glee inducing, but maybe worth a quick trip to the bay area

In 2007 I had one of the most pleasant days of my life sitting on the lawn at the Shoreline Amphitheater listening to Regina Spektor, Tegan and Sarah, Tom Waits, Jerry Lee Lewis, John Mayor, and Niel Young. It was exquisite. Since then I wait anxiously every fall to see what line-up Mr. Young pulls together for his annual benefit concert for The Bridge School. This year the headliners are No Doubt and of course Niel Young.
2008's line-up didn't cause me great glee - so we skipped the concert.
This year's line-up might spur me into buying tickets and planning a mini-break to San Jose.
Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Fleet Foxes, Wolfmother, Sheryl Crow, Gavin Rossdale and the Monsters of Folk are all signed up. Jimmy Buffett is playing Saturday night only, and Adam Sandler will play Sunday.
I might go for Sunday because I'd like to see Adam Sandler, and while I don't have a deep love for most of the performers, I could go for an afternoon of chill'n on the lawn enjoying good music.
Only problem, I've seen No Doubt and Chris Martin recently. Coldplay, blew me away and lodged themselves in my musical-heart forever. No Doubt, was... disappointing. Gwen lacks the believability I imagined her to have in the 90s. But what can you do, people grow up, and want to keep making money off their old stuff, and when their new stuff sucks, can you blame 'em?

So... to go, or not to go. That is the questions.
Tickets go on sale on my birthday - 9/20
and the show takes place October 24 and 25.


LenaLoo said...

Do you know roughly how much tickets might be?

Forevermelody said...

in the past they've been around $30 - I believe. They don't go on sale till Sunday, so i guess we'll know for sure then.


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