Wednesday, November 12, 2008

News from an unemployed Music Editor

After last nights show at the Van Duzer, I'm now a fan of Zack Gills, look him up.

Another Zack I'm a fan of is Zack Newkirk, the brilliance behind my late section's movie reviews. Since talent like his shouldn't go to waste he put it where all laid off and wanna-be journalists put it, in a blog. So please, go to, before you see a movie, I've almost always regretted seeing movies he's given poor reviews for.

Another group of journalists looking for a voice that I'm a fan of would be all the folks over at, mostly my former coworkers.

The blog if frequently updated with interesting and relevant posts that warrant a read.

Now, Zack Gills. He opened for Mason Jennings last night, and while Mason Jennings left something to be desired (that something being playing more songs I liked), Gills was a glorious surprise of an opener.

If music was categorized by what the majority of the lyrics were about Gill's music would go into the "Family Section." Not like it's family friendly, his song "Handy Man" is caulked full of grown up innuendos, but it still has a feeling as if it's being sung to a wife. He can't fix the kitchen sink, but if you're in the mood he's your hand man. Only wives or long time partners want their lover to also be able to fix the kitchen sink, when you are newly dating you don't ask them things like that.

He sang a song about his daughter and how she's growing up and it got me so maternal I almost got impregnated. Another song, called Family, is an accurate picture of the "Yule Time Burn," when you come home to be with your relations and you aren't quite relating anymore - and it wears on you.

In addition to singing about family he moved around from instrument to instrument. Playing a grooving boogie on the piano, to acoustic guitar, to the accordion for a rousing round of the "Devil Went Down To Bavaria," sung with German accent and everything.

The set was too short, especially since Mason went on and on, with mostly slow songs and it being dark and quiet, it was hard to stay awake.

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Zack said...

I only now got a chance to look at this. Thanks, as always, for the kind words.


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