Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nice things about Nothing Nice to Say

Nothing Nice to Say is one of my favorite web comics. I'll do some more blogs about my other favs, but right now it's all about Nothing Nice.

It's basically the first punk rock web comic and Mitch Clem is a funny sonova.

Here's one of my favs:

We were listening "Upbeats and Downbeats," one of FIF first albums last night. It came out in 1996. So Luke and I were trying to remember what we were doing that year. Luke was nine, and I had just discovered News Boys. So FIF wasn't even on our radars.

Anyway... just getting a little nostalgic. We're still waiting on the Brave Saint Saturn album in the mail... and for that matter the "Nothing Nice to Say" book which I pre-ordered back in August! Yay, it shall be a good mail day when those things arrive.


Joel said...

Suddenly I feel old. Funny strip, though! I've just been doing some writing about Five Iron Frenzy. If there was one band that completely rocked my world at age 16 (which is how old I was when their first album came out), it was them. I'm so glad I bought that record instead of the Supertones during the Great Christian Ska Wars of the 1990s (first casualty - The Insyderz). I put on that first track in my bedroom and was rocking out to it and then I started reading the lyrics and i was like DANG.

Jenny Bradley said...

I feel old now too. I saw FIF in high school. And I was 14/15 in 1996.


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