Monday, September 29, 2008

It's the Fay Way

The Ian Fays performed at the Little Red Lion on Friday night, with Hey Eleanor opening for them.
Both groups were vending fairly new recordings. The Ian Fays were selling their second full-length album, “The Damon Lessons,” and Hey Eleanor had an 11-song self-titled album resting in hand-sewn CD covers with Hey Eleanor embroidered on the front.
During the Fays’ encore, Lizz Fay said she would only play “Hotel” if Oliver Brink (the fan who was shouting for it), would come sing it with her. Brink protested while climbing onto the stage and grabbing the mic, saying, “I’m probably too drunk to remember all the words.”
Lizz replied sweetly, “That’s the Fay way.” They then played a charged duet about the hurt of a breakup and the irrational thoughts that follow, first cooing softly, “I saw a hotel with your name on it,” followed by a despairing shout, “and I felt like burning it down!”

Melody Stone

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