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Electronica and Metal

Electronica is a fun genre, because there are so many sound and melody possibilities. It’s something I’m just getting into more fully now. Like there are billions of subgenres in rock, and a true rock fan can hear the difference but an average listener wouldn’t notice, electronica is the same way. There’s dubstep, techno, drum and bass, downtempo. Really electronica is music made with electronic musical instruments, like synthesizers, music sequencers, drum machines and digital audio workstations.

If you are a fan the electronica, Mo2 from San Francisco will perform ambient dance Live-tronica at the Red Fox Tavern Friday. They are billed with Ashland’s funk-reggae-hip-hop-jazz livetronic group Organik Time Machine.

These two bands are more ambient, and trance-y than club style dance music. But I’m still new to this whole genre, I’m still working on identifying the different sub-genres.

That same night Ink People/Set the Stage presents yet another metal show in the closet-room of a venue. Metal is a genre I struggle with. I really like pretty music, and metal isn’t always pretty it’s abrasive and angry and gets me stressed out.

The bands at this show will be Tidal Decay, death metal/grind-core from Eureka, this band has no music on their myspace, so you’re guess is as good as mine.

Sadistic Hallucinations, is so stereotypical it feels like a joke. Metalocalypse anyone? Metalocalypse is an adult swim show about the world’s most popular metal band, Deathklock. This band sounds almost exactly like this fake band making fun of the genre as a whole (they want to make an album so brutal they have to go to the most “brutal” place on earth to record it – the bottom of the ocean. They end up writing the album for fishes and it’s not meant for human who when they hear it they jump into the ocean and drown). The only word I can make out in Sadistic’s song Bath in Blood is “death.” Pretty? No. Uplifting? Hardly. For a girl who strives off indie-folk-rock with heart-felt lyrics and simple acoustic guitar, this grates my nerves like sand paper on a ripe peach.

The other bands playing that night are, Embryonic Devourement from Willits (clique and disgusting name, and they sound just like the last band), and Dismal Lapse (death-speed-metal from Auburn Calif.). The show starts at 6 p.m. and is all ages.

Sorry to hate on metal, guys. I actually enjoy some Metallica every now and again, and Thirty Three and a Third is one of my favorite local bands. But I have very little patience for gore-for-gore’s sake, for the rebellious attitude for rebellion’s sake, and death and blood for no good reason. Maybe they have a perfectly good reason to bring up all that imagery, but since I can’t really hear much of the words, it leaves a lot up to the imagination.

If music is food, these bands are liver, to most people it’s distasteful, but to some it’s a driving force of life.

I will leave you with a line from Cake’s “Rock’n Roll Lifestyle,” “Excess ain't rebellion.
You're drinking what they're selling. Your self-destruction doesn't hurt them. Your chaos won't convert them.”

Melody Stone is the entertainment editor for the Eureka Reporter, and would like all metal-heads to know she doesn’t dislike them personally, and if you are in a metal band, don’t hesitate to talk to her or send her your press photos and when you’re band it playing. She still wants to give you coverage. She can be reached at 707-269-7437 or


Dez said…
Wow...thanks for supporting local metal...the bands really appriciate being made fun of in an advertisement for their show.
Forevermelody said…
I don't advertise shows, you have to pay for Advertisements, and they didn't pay me anything except an amusing and confusing after the fact phone call. Which you can read about in this blog.

A column is my opinion, and I'm not a blind supporter of all local music. Although, I'm a fan of 33 and a Third, so I do "support" some local Metal. Thanks for reading.

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