Monday, September 29, 2008

Bridge School

So I just found out the line up for Bridge School this year, the dates are 10/25 pr 26th.
  • Neil Young - Obviously (saw him last year)
  • Wilco - This might kill my cred, but I'm not obsessed with Wilco
  • Jack Johnson - amusing for sure, but not a good reason to drive six hours, he would just be a plus, not a must.
  • Death Cab for Cutie - love em, seen em, and they are wonderful, but not something I need to travel for.
  • Norah Jones - Talented girl, for sure, but not going to coax me south.
  • Cat Power - She's wonderful, but not a must for me.
  • Sarah McLachlan (Saturday only) - Once again doesn't do much for me. If she was here I would totally go.
  • ZZ Top (Saturday only) - hah!
  • Josh Groban (Sunday only) - meh
  • Smashing Pumpkins (Sunday only) - cool, but not a must.

Tickets are on sale from TicketMaster and Shoreline. Reserved seats are $75.00 and $150.00. Lawn seats are $39.95.

So while I love this festival, it's so relaxing, economical and fun, but this line up doesn't make me want to take a weekend off and drive down to the Shoreline. But if you go, let me know.


Jennifer Savage said...

For me, the fest would be all about:
Neil Young (a god), Wilco (best show I ever saw at Van Duzer) and Jack Johnson (sucker for barefoot surfers playing guitars and living sweet – don't care how much he's dismissed by "serious" rock critics).

(Talk about killing cred – I am so utterly bored by DCC ["I Will Follow" makes me want to kill myself], but would happily spend an hour with Jack Johnson above them any day.)

And, I would love to experience the classic-ness that is ZZ Top (are they still the original line-up? I have no idea).

Not even sure who Josh Groban is.

I saw the Pumpkins back in 1994 at the Hollywood Palladium. I am pretty sure that show was better than anything I could see now.

Forevermelody said...

Sounds like you should probably go, I love the fest it's self, but the line up not my favs. So yeah, it's super economical for a day chilln on a lawn with a pic nic listening to good music.

I loved the line up last year, Regina Spektor, John Mayor, Tegan and Sara, Neil Young, Jerry Lee Lewis, Tom Waits and Metallica... so much fun.
Oh and my Morning Jacket, which i napped through, so delightful.


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