Friday, September 26, 2008

Anticpated September Albums and how my weekend's going down

By Melody Stone, Rock Journalist

published 9/26/08 in the Eureka Reporter

This weekend promises to be busy for me, but I have a plan for getting the most out of it. Here goes:
Friday night, ideally (we’ll see how much steam I’ve got after the work week wraps up), I plan on heading to Arcata for the first part of the night and bluegrassing out to The Bucky Walters and Berel Alexander (Note to self: Wear comfortable shoes; dancing will be required). That’s at Mosgo’s and starts around 8 p.m. It’s for all ages.
Then, as a throwback to my KRFH days, hopefully I’ll get over to the student-run radio station’s karaoke party in the Kate Buchanan Room at Humboldt State University.
I’ll make a quick stop there before skipping over to the Lil’ Red in Eureka to catch my favorite indie-pop-sister group The Ian Fays with my favorite local girl-fronted, shoe-gazing group Hey Eleanor. Now, these bands are also playing an all-ages show on Saturday at Mosgo’s, and both shows are sort of CD release parties for Humboldt County. The Ian Fays went to school here and got their start playing a hundred shows a week in the local coffee shops. They now live in San Francisco and released a CD months ago. This is their first show here since February, and the CD is out and ready to be purchased.
The reason I’m going to the Lil’ Red show instead of Mosgo’s is because on Saturday night I’ll be in Garberville dancing to the Devil Makes Three at the Humboldt Hills Hoedown.
Other bands I’m looking forward to at the hoedown include The Bucky Walters (again!), Huckleberry Flint, and Absynth Quintet.
So now you know how I’m swinging with this busy weekend. Hope to see you on my journey through the scene.
Now for something completely different …

September albums I’m excited about:

+ Brave Saint Saturn – “Anti-Meridian” (Sept. 15)
Final installment in BSS’ space trilogy. BSS started in 1995 as a side project for Christian/third-wave/ska band Five Iron Frenzy, as an outlet for lead singer Reese Roper. It has darker/deeper lyrics. The albums follow the manned spacecraft the USS Gloria and its crew on their journey to Saturn. This album finally brings the space voyagers home. My copy is in the mail, but the two songs up on purevolume ( point to another pure, solid, and powerful album from Brave Saint Saturn.
+ Jenny Lewis – “Acid Tongue” (Sept. 23)
When Rilo Kiley front woman Jenny Lewis released her first album in 2006, “Rabbit Fur Coat” was welcomed into the folk-country-indie community with open arms. The single, “Acid Tongue,” features the same country twang and gospel soul with secular lyrics about living in Los Angeles and putting acid on her tongue.
+ Josh Radin – “Simple Times” (iTunes release Sept. 9; store release Sept. 30)
Radin was popularized when his buddy Zach Braff chose a few of his songs for the soundtracks of “Garden State” and “Last Kiss,” but he isn’t consistently the most played artist on my iTunes just because of those movies (one of which was worse than watching a train wreck). His lyrics never cease to make me swoon, and the simple melodies keep him on repeat. His new album is more of the same comforting indie-folk I’ve come to know and love.

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