Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weird Al - Review

The next best thing to seeing Nirvana, Green Day and Coolio live is seeing Weird Al Yankovich perform parodies of their songs.

Wednesday night the Van Duzer was filled with white and nerdy people. Kids and adults a liked sang along with the parodied songs and some humorous originals like "Why does this always happen to me."

Al started the night with a polka of course. The moved into a Cake style parody, called "No Cigar." This was a weak point of the evening. The song lyrics are only mildly funny, and the style didn't come across as well as it did on the CD. He also did another original called "Do I Creep You Out," but once again, it was a little low energy and weak.

Weird Al is by far the king of parody, no comedy artist has sold so many albums or acquired so large a fan base. His performances are complicated and engaging. He does numerous costume changes, during which the audience watches a screen with funny clips and fact celebrity interviews Al doctors to make funny.

He and his band dressed like jedi's for the "Saga Begins," the story of Star Wars Episode One sung to "American Pie," The emporer playing the entertainer on the piano was esspecially amusing. That segwayed into "Yoda," a parody of the Kink's "Lola."
Speaking of segways, He rolled out on one for White and Nerdy, the hit off his last album, Steight out of Lynwood. White and Nerdy is a cover of "Ridin," by Chamillionaire and Krayzie Bone, and is an impressive collection of nerdy and white traits Al claims to posess. He was dressed gangster while his band was in typical nerd-attire.

He dressed up in the red jacket for "Eat It," a parody of Micheal Jackson's "Beat It."

He did an impressive medley of a lot of his parodies giving the crowd a little taste of all the favorites.

He dressed in black, with a long chin-only beard and dawned a black wide rimmed hat for Amish Paradise, a parody of Coolio's Gangster Paradise.

The concert was non-stop entertainment, video clips, stage antics, little surprises through out the entire two hour set.

The night wrapped up with "I'm Fat," a parody of Micheal Jackson's "I'm Bad," in which Al dressed in a full fat suit and sang, "I'm fat I'm fat you know it, when I got out to get the mail, it measures on the ricter scale." He would jump and when he landed his band would jump as if they were shot into the air by his massive weight.

He went off stage and off course the crowd cried to an encore. So he came out again in a flashy Hawaiian shirt, and led the crowd in a rousing round of "We all have cell phones, come on get real." Which is a song he wrote in a fack interview with Micheal Stipe from REM (Stipe wrote the words and Al wrote the melody). The he launched into Albuquerque, a bizarre train of thought song about hating sour kraut. Apparently he's only performed

Cars pulled out of the HSU parking lots that night bumping white and nerdy, and for once in my life, it was cool to know all the words to "The Saga Begins," and "Albuquerque."


Nicki said...

I really need to pay more attention to who is playing at HSU... i seem to miss all the goodies...

Forevermelody said...

yeah you do. You could just keep reading my blog, I always fill my readers in with lots of time to pick up tickets.


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