Friday, August 29, 2008

Shows to see and more chromeo love.

For Those Prepared to Rock: Reasons to get out and about this weekend

By MELODY STONE, The Eureka Reporter
Published: Aug 29 2008, 10:16 AM · Updated: Aug 29 2008, 10:18 AM
Category: Arts
Topic: For those prepared to rock...

Good Friday, y’all. Hope the work week treated you well and you are all jazzed up to get out and enjoy some good music.

Friday night brings something especially special, the grand opening of the new sound wall at Mosgo’s, which brings the little coffee shop in Westwood Arcata into the realm of real music venues.

I love Mosgo’s and can’t say enough about how this coffee shop revitalized Westwood and how it employs some of the most loving and kind people I’ve had the pleasure to know.

This love fest continues with the bands picked to play at the grand opening.

Berel Alexander: I have not yet had the pleasure of seeing this singer-songwriter play live, but his MySpace songs are captivating and I can’t wait to see him perform.

Double Threat: A local music critic gave them a less-than-stellar review in the Arcata Eye (which is this guy’s thing) and all I can say is the joke’s on him. This band is hilarious and sings songs about the two-man hip-hop group’s joint love-affair with Princess Peach from Mario Brothers, and Alan Alda from “M*A*S*H.” They rap about what they know, and that shows you how nerdy these kids are. I’ve followed the duo since they were playing together in high school bands, and while I’ve always loved their songwriting and musical abilities, this is by far one of my favorite of their projects. Maybe because they aren’t taking themselves seriously and it’s just for fun. Anyway, these guys put on a fun show and it’s totally worth coming out to see them.

Mosgo’s is always all ages, and they really mean all ages, so bring your baby and some little earplugs.

Also on Friday, if you are in the area of Wildberries, KSLG is having a sort of back-to-school meet-the-DJs celebration in the street by Wildberries. Local alternative rockers Strix Vega and good-time drinking band The Rubberneckers will provide tunes. They will be out there from 2 to 6 p.m. and it’s all free -- and all ages.

The rest of the week brings lots of choice shows. The Rubberneckers and Svelte Velvet come to mind. I’m going to have to check that out because I have yet to see Svelte Velvet. That show is on Saturday.

I’ll leave you with a CD recommendation. It’s my newest obsession and it’s called “Chromeo.” Dave One and Pee Thug make up this electro-funk fusion of awesome and really cool. Dave One is Jewish and Pee Thug is Arabic, and they like to say it’s the most successful Jewish/Arab partnership of all time. Their songs have a very ’80s synth-pop feel and hilarious, satirical, sarcastic, heartfelt lyrics.

When I popped the CD into my car and heard the first few beats and notes, my heart raced. It was as if I wanted to hear it all at once and couldn’t listen fast enough to the delightful sounds coming out of my stereo.

My favorite song is about how Dave One thought he was going to be a Casanova, but this girl has got him opening up.

“Don’t take it as some kind of diss
I’m trying to be an autonomous
Every time I’m gonna miss
Your type of touch, your type of kiss
I never thought I’d be anonymous
I guess that is not a myth.”

Other stellar tracks are the single “Tenderoni,” a ballad about always going after his mom called “Momma’s Boy,” and a song about his prowess and lovin’ ability titled “Bona fide Lov’n.”

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