Monday, August 11, 2008

New favorite band: Chromeo!

The intro to Chromeo's 2007 release, "Fancy Footwork" goes, "Chromeo-oooo-Oh, Chromeo-oooo-0h," like the flying monkey's chant from the Wizard of Oz, then flawlessly moves into "Tenderoni" a song about love. I think. "Cuz you're my Tenderoni," now my new favorite pet name.

In the Adult Swim Cartoon, Venture Bros., The Monarch calls Dr. Girlfriend, Tenderoni.

Tenderoni according to Urban

A fine young thing. Also a pretty young thing.
"..tenderoni you've got to be, sugar honey come fly with me." Michael Jackson, P.Y.T.(Pretty Young Thing)

A boyfriend/girlfriend, boo, etc. Like Rice-a-Roni only cute and snuggly. =o)
I walked over to him slowly, said I know you don't know me but this might be my only shot at a tenderoni - lyric from KP and Envy, Shorty Swing my Way

Accoriding to Wikipedia

is a slang terminology which refers to a younger male or female love interest or someone too young to talk to or become involved with.

In the 1980s the word resurfaced when Bobby Brown used it in his successful 1988 hit "Roni" to describe a young beautiful girl. The term has surfaced in other pieces of music as well.

For the '07, Chromeo is making an effort to reinstate "tenderoni" into the loverboy vernacular.

My favorite track is tied between "Bonafide Lov'n," about how this girl needs a man who's "down to fight" and dresses nice. "Opening Up" a song about how he never thought he would find a girl who could make him want to settled down.
"Don't take it as some kind of diss
I'm trying to be an autonomous
Every time I'm gonna miss
Your type of touch, your type of kiss
I never thought I'd be monogamous.
I guess that is not a myth"

All set to cheezey 80's style dance music. Sooo good. I also love, Momma's Boy, "Girl, you know you've got it so bad, when every boy you know if your dad, and Boy you got it so wrong, when you look into her eyes and all you really see is your mom!"

Anyway, check them out, fall in love.


Dave One and Pee Thug, Chromeo at All Points West Music Festival at Liberty State Park, Saturday, in New Jersey. Wish I was there.
N.J. AP photo

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