Monday, August 25, 2008

For those prepared to laugh

By MELODY STONE, The Eureka Reporter
Published: Aug 21 2008, 5:40 PM · Updated: Aug 21 2008, 5:42 PM
Category: Arts

So last week I call to purchase tickets to Weird Al. I found out early last May that he was coming to town and phoned my 12-year-old brother to tell him I would take him for his birthday. So I go to buy the tickets and am informed the show is basically sold out. I panic.
Weird Al is probably one of the first grown-up artists I started listening to. My parents went to Cal Poly with Weird Al. He lived in the same building as my mom and flirted with her roommate.
He performed in Cal Poly when my family was living there in the late 1990s. My parents decided I was too young or the show was too expensive for me to go, and they went to see their old classmate perform without me.
The next time Weird Al came to town, it was on the “Running with Scissors” tour and I was in eighth grade at Arcata Christian School. I heard it on the radio and went crazy. I was so excited. I didn’t know what or where The Works was, but I knew I needed to get there to buy tickets. Unfortunately, I had no money or transportation. My dad decided that buying the family the complete Weird Al box set would be a better use of the money that could have gotten me into the show.
A tall, quiet seventh-grader with a mustache did get to go to that show and later wore his Weird Al tour shirt to school. I was so jealous I could have punched him. (Later we got married and he still wears that shirt.)
So it’s been a long time coming for me to see Weird Al perform live.
I called Center Arts again Monday morning and was told there were now folding chairs available in the back of the balcony seating for $5 cheaper, and I jumped at the opportunity to finally see the king of pop parody.
So this Wednesday I shall be sitting in the very back of the Van Duzer Theatre, watching an artist I have loved since childhood and continue to love to this day.
If this is the first you’ve heard of Weird Al coming to town, I’m sorry. But on a brighter note, tickets for Humweek’s concert with Ozomatli, !!! (chk, chk, chk) and the Upright Citizens Brigade (sketch comedy) is Thursday and that show will be completely hookless (meaning that it’s so off the hook that the hook is not even in the picture anymore).
Friday, Aug. 22, at Humbrews, you can get your dance on with Moo Got 2, if you are over 21.
And for everyone, Huckleberry Flint and Boosauii are playing at Mosgo’s. This show might be the reason I stay in town this weekend and not go camping. I love the open, friendly environment of Mosgo’s, I like that a lot of my friends go to Huckleberry Flint shows, and I love Huckleberry Flint.
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