Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Crucial show going updates

Last week I went to purchase tickets for Wierd Al, and guess what! They are almost all sold out.

So i'm sitting in the waaaaaaay back of the Van Duzer with my lil' Bro and my Husband and I paid about $150 for this privilege.

Moral of the story: you pay just as much for crap seats as you do for front row, so buy your tickets as soon as they go on sale, if it's assigned seating.

One show that's not assigned seating but might sell out is the Humweek Concerts on the HSU soccer field. Please get your tickets for these, even if you don't know !!!, you can't go wrong with their brand of crazy-fun-electro-funk, and even if you don't know Ozomatli, only a soulless troll would dislike their Latin-fusion-dance-beat-awesomeness. Also, Upright Citizen's Brigade, is possibly the best sketch comedy one can get in this day and age.

Tickets are only $10 for students and $25 for adults, and totally worth a whole evening (5 p.m. to whenever we get done rock'n) of entertainment.

In addition Kimya Dawson (the Juno Soundtrack chick) is coming to town care of Center Arts, she's playing in the Van Duzer and when I bought my tickets last week it was sold all the way to the center of the main floor. Considering the show is in November, that's pretty amazing. So if you want a worth while seat, get those tickets now and I'll see you there.

Another thing, Earth Dance, it's in Latonville, and Neko Case is playing (the girl from the New Pornographers). Yay! I'm totally excited about this festival.

So check out those shows and don't miss out on a great thing because you are lazy.


Joel said...

I don't want to sound obnoxious,'re BUYING tickets to concerts??

Anonymous said...

oh...thanx for the heads up on the tix--kimya is cool--i wore out that sound track...found you at heraldo's blog...

Forevermelody said...

Yes, Joel, I'm still buying tickets, but mostly for seated events I really care about. Like Kimya Dawson and Wierd Al (Michael Moore said they weren't giving away any press tickets for that show, so I had to buy them).

I would much rather pay the money and get in the front row than have to deal with the press seating in the nose-bleed section.

Joel said...

Well, that sucks! No comps = no ooverage! (OK, obviously, that's impossible. But it's pretty lame for CA not to provide them. It's never fun to have to pay to do your job.)

Joel said...

uh, clearly I meant to write "coverage," although "ooverage" sounds pretty interesting.


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