Monday, July 28, 2008

Humboldt Roller Derby and a Kitten

Tree Sluggers take derby bout at Redwood Acres

By MELODY STONE, The Eureka Reporter
Published: Jul 26 2008, 11:58 PM
Category: Sports
Topic: Roller Derby

About ten ladies, clad in red t-shirts, their derby-names printed boldly across the back, short jean shorts, fish net stockings, full skate padding, and bushy mustaches stood in a circle getting direction from their team captain, Guts and Gloria (Sarah Godlin). They are the Bad Axes.

While the Bad Axes pow-wow’d and adjusted their mustaches, the rival team, The Tree Sluggers warmed up on the rink. The Tree Sluggers wore camouflage skirts. Both teams geared up for an intense showdown.

On Saturday, the Humboldt Roller Derby league had their second public bout. The first was a month ago and the event sold out. There were more than 500 people in attendance and many more were turned away.

Saturday’s bout sold out two days prior to the event, even after adding a hundred more seats.

Franchesci Hall at Redwood Acres, where the derby practices and bouts are held, housed four bleachers set up, two at each end of the rink, and floor mats, as well as the derby rink. By the time the bout started, every seat was taken (floor and bleachers).

Each team has a “Jammer,” which is a girl wearing a helmet panty bearing a star. The Jammer is the point scorer.

The rest of the players are blockers, and they skate in a pack led by the Pivot (wearing a helmet panty with a stripe). The pivots job is to the set the pace of the pack.

The Jammer starts off after the pack, and during the first lap no points are scored. If a Jammer makes it through the pack without any fowls or penalties and before the other team’s Jammer, she becomes lead jammer. This means she can call off the jam at any time. She signifies this by touching her hands to her hips. The jammer scores a point every time she passes a rival skater, after the first lap.

Sissy Jr.(Osha Reynolds), who played for the Tree Sluggers, said the whole league was amazed when the first bout sold out.

“We didn’t know everyone was going to love (derby) as much as we do,” she said.

In between the periods there was entertainment by A.K.A. Dance Team and the Free Love Circus. There was also music through out the bout by The Dirty Derby Blowhards.

By the end of the second period the Tree Sluggers had a firm lead, and kept it firm the whole third period, beating the Bad Axes 90 to 84.

In other news:

I got a kitten!

Her name is Raven, she's 3.5 months old, she's wonderful. Her favorite toy is a wadded up wrist band from Roller Derby.

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