Thursday, July 31, 2008

Life the Universe and Everything

I was hired at the ER as a features writer, after about three months I "got promoted" to section editor, nothing changed except the title.

My job is to fill three sections worth of content, Home, Life and Entertainment.

Right now, home is ok. I can always use more story ideas. Anyone know of a good home? Anyone have an interesting garden? What about a nifty way of cleaning? Decorating? Cooking?

Life is another story.

Some weeks I'm overwhelmed with a wealth of story ideas. Others, I feel like i'm downing in a sea of no good ideas.

So, i'm looking for interesting people, community trends, families, interesting professions, self made men/women. You know of anyone e-mail me at


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Courtney said...

Hello Melody! I like your blog! Do you like writing for the Eureka Reporter? I'll have to see if I can think of anything good that you could write about. The only exciting news that I know about happened up in Canada a few days go when some crazy beheaded his seat mate on a greyhound bus. Yeah, let's say that I am scared of taking the bus forever!


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